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Our services

We offer a wide range of services and treatments

Our services

We offer a wide range of services and treatments

Our motto is patient satisfaction and its good

We offer painless dental treatment of the highest quality for adults and children in field of:

  • prophylaxis for kids and adults,
  • conservative and esthetic dentistry,
  • dental surgery (bone grafts, sinus lift),
  • dental implantology with bone reconstruction,
  • modern endodontic treatment under the microscope (endometer, thermoplastic gutta-percha),
  • periodontal treatment with periodontal surgery,
  • esthetic prosthodontics (Procera, Cercon, Galvano, Lava crowns),
  • single seating teeth whitening using an accelerator (BEYOND Plus lamp),
  • teeth whitening using a whitening tray
  • dental 3D tomography, pantomogram, cephalometry, periapical radiograph,
  • complex treatment of occlusal disease, TMJ disorders using Dawsons analysis

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We provide a pleasant atmosphere and full professionalism of services

Dental surgery is not only teeth removal procedures, but also a whole range of procedures in the area involving the oral cavity, including procedures supporting other areas of dentistry, e.g. endodontics – root apex resection, periodontology – periodontal surgery, prosthetics – pre-prosthetic surgery, and finally the most modern department – implantology.

All painless surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia, and include:

  • tooth extractions
  • tooth resections using biomaterials
  • sinus floor lift
  • intraosseous implants (implants)
  • exposing retained teeth
  • regeneration, bone tissue reconstruction using biomaterials
  • bone grafts
  • connective tissue transplants
  • oral mucosa treatments
  • frenulum undercutting procedure

Conservative dentistry is a basic dental department which helps us preventing dental and oral diseases (prophylaxis) and treatment of those diseases which helps us maintaining proper masticatory function.

Prophylaxis treatment in our offer includes:

  • fluoride varnish application
  • groove sealing with a light-cured fissure sealant
  • teeth coating

Conservative dentistry treatment includes:

  • state-of-the-art light-cured composite filling 
  • endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) under microscope
  • on site x-ray diagnostics (dental x-ray includes: intraoral RVG, panoramic x-ray, cephalometry, CBCT (3D tomography))

In our offices we use the best materials such as GC Gradia and Enamel HRi to give our customers a choice in a premium cilling material.

Why Enamel HRi?

Because ENAMEL HRi is a nano-hybrid restorative material which helps us creating restorations that are similar to natural teeth. Only Enamel HRI mimics natural optical properties of natural teeth creates unseen passage between the composite and tooth. Developed by famous esthetic dentistry guru Prof. Lorenzo Vaniniego is currently beeing used by leading clinicians all over the worldand is the best choice for the most demanding dentists.

Every procedure we carry out is painless, under the control of microscope to maintain the best precision and your satisfaction from the treatment recived.

This is a dentistry department that specializes in rebuilding or reconstructing missing tooth tissues. Its purpose is to regain the physiological and aesthetic functions of the dentition. In our office, we use fiber-reinforced materials and glass fibers themselves, which are currently widely used in modern dentistry. We use glass fiber for splinting teeth, in root canal treatment as modeled crown-root inlays, in prosthetics in temporary and permanent crowns and bridges.

In our office we perform:

permanent restorations: porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, restorations based on implants

removable restorations: dentures. restorations on implants.


  • inlay and onlay porcelain inlays
  • porcelain veneers, composite
  • porcelain crowns on steel
  • porcelain crowns on gold, titanium
  • all-ceramic crowns Procera, Cercon, Galvano, Lava
    porcelain bridges
  • crowns, bridges on implants


  • acrylic denture
  • Skeletal prosthesis
  • titanium skeleton prosthesis
  • (non-clamped with valves)
  • vinyl prosthesis
  • mikroproteza
  • acrylic denture on implants – ball latches, bar.

Many years of research and clinical observation have made implantology one of the safest and most desirable methods of reconstruction of missing teeth. The implant is the closest to the physiological form of missing tooth reconstruction. New treatment techniques allow for excellent visual effects for every patient. The greatest practical importance for the patient is comfort of use, which in the case of implants is as close as possible to the comfort of having your own teeth and is a huge advantage over all types of mobile prosthetic restorations (prostheses).

We are inserting implants since 1997 and worked with several implant systems which gave us extensive experience in this field. For people planning implant insertion, we recommend prior consultation during which the implantologist will interview to exclude any contraindications. Each clinical situation requires individual management and assessment.

At Łupicki DENTAL CLINIC we use the following leading implant systems DENSPLY SIRONA IMPLANTY STRAUMANN

Root canal treatment undoubtedly requires great skills from the doctor. Without a proper diagnosis and a thorough understanding of the biological basis determining the success of treatment, the use of even complex techniques and treatments will be useless. The correct diagnosis together with the right selection of materials and techniques create such an environment.

We perform root canal treatment in our office under a surgical microscope, which guarantees high precision of treatment and the possibility of accurate diagnostics. Root canals are developed by mechanical devices with simultaneous measurement of the canal length.

We currently use the best thermoplastic gutta-percha system to fill the canals. Taking an x-ray image on site allows us to control the course of root canal treatment. The effects of root canal treatment are stable and long-lasting.

Systematic education and participation in international conferences constantly raises our qualifications in the field of endodontics, guaranteeing the highest quality of our services.

Periodontology deals with the prevention and treatment of mucosal and periodontal diseases. Periodontology is a field of dentistry, without which at present dental treatment cannot be imagined. In specialist periodontological treatment, we use modern, proven procedures that allow the reconstruction of tissues surrounding teeth. bone and gum regeneration. We cover exposed, hypersensitive tooth necks, preventing cosmetic defects, hypersensitivity and subsequent tooth mobility. Healing treatments performed in our office:

  • treatment of gingivitis by using appropriate rinses
  • ultrasound removal of dental deposits
  • sanding
  • varnishing
  • surgical removal of pathological gingival pockets
  • curettes
  • ligature loose teeth using special threads, wire or splints

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In the offices of Łupicki DENTAL CLINIC we offer painless dental treatment of the highest quality for adults and children

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